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Testing of Aftermarket Oil Treatment Products

A Comparison of Leading Aftermarket Oil Additive and Oil Treatment Products for Friction and Wear Protection: Four Ball Wear Test

Recently, Bell Performance was given the opportunity to compare its oil additive to a pool of other aftermarket oil additive products. Many of these products utilize the same technologies as their
competitors and make the same kinds of product claims – reduced friction, increased power and compression, viscosity improvement – as their competitors. What’s more, many of these companies either utilize faulty testing or incorrectly interpret test data to “document” their claims or simply do not disclose test data at all.

This test compares and contrasts comparative products with names familiar to many consumers:

  • Greased Lightning
  • Hy-per Lube
  • Lucas Oil Stabilizer
  • Marvel Mystery Oil
  • MotorPurr Oil Stabilizer
  • NAPA Oil Treatment
  • Prolong Engine Treatment
  • Rislone Oil Stabilizer
  • Slick 50 Engine Treatment
  • STP Oil Treatment
  • Torco Oil
  • Z-Max Friction Reducer
  • Bell Performance X-tra Lube

This test indicates not only the dynamic load-bearing and friction reducing ability of the lubricant but also gives the maximum load-bearing capacity, as indicated by the Last Non-Seizure and Last Seizure values of the test, along with the corresponding scar sizes for those loads.

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