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ATX-950 Power Generation Fuel Oil Additive Improve Boiler Performance


The ATX family of multi-function heavy fuel oil treatments for boiler furnaces are designed to eliminate the most common fuel-related problems that furnaces burning Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) may face in day-to-day operation.

Our ATX Fuel Oil Additives will help:

  • Improve Combustion

ATX contains fuel oil-soluble organo-metallics which increase combustion chemical reactions in the flame front through the formation of ionic metallic particles.  These particles show increased heat release at all points of the fuel oil droplet combustion process. This will reduce LOI and improve boiler efficiency.

  • Reduce and Eliminate Tenacious Slagging

Slag buildup results from vanadate formation on heat transfer surfaces.  These formations, formed from the metal oxides already contained in the fuel oil, corrode transfer surfaces and even increase the catalytic formation of SO3.  Modifying these tenacious formations so that they fall off heat transfer surfaces is the first step to reducing the frequency of shutdown and even better enables the operator to control exit air O2 percentage, lessening the amount of heat air lost on exit.  Less heat energy lost in exit air means more heat contributing to power generation and boiler efficiency.

  • Clean Out Oil Storage and Delivery Systems

Fuel oil storage and delivery systems are repositories for the sludge and heavy fallout that #6 Bunker C fuel contains. Over time, this represents lost fuel energy value. ATX’s heavy duty surfactant package solubilizes the sludge, removing it over time from HFO storage tanks and fuel lines, and ensures that  HFO injection guns stay clean and operate at peak efficiency. 

ATX also removes the water which may often be included in fuel oil delivery systems – less water means lower formation of additional heavy polymeric sludge.  A clean fuel delivery system is an efficient one. This is especially true for generation facilities using fuel oil as a starter fuel in coal-fired units.

The ATX line of treatments provides these effects in a balanced formulation which is far superior to conventional particulate treatments like Magnesium Oxide.  If you burn fuel oil, you need Bell Performance ATX fuel oil treatments.

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