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Become a Bell Performance Dealer

Consumers are tired of empty promises by products that don't deliver.

There is a huge demand in the marketplace for products that really work to fix fuel issues like:

  • ethanol in gasoline reducing driver fuel mileage
  • boat owners dealing with water in fuel tanks and ethanol destroying fuel lines and tanks
  • heavy truck drivers needing improved diesel fuel performance
  • small engine/small equipment damaged by ethanol added to fuel
  • bacteria growth and microbe growth in fuel storage tanks

If your customers are in the automotive, marine, small engine, fleet, or vehicle maintenance industries, they need Bell Performance solutions - and YOU can provide them now.

Interested in becoming a Bell Performance dealer?

We’re looking for qualified partners to create a turnkey Fuel Treatment and Service Component for their business that:

  • Solves their Customers Fuel Related Problems
  • Establishes Value and Justifies Expense
  • Enhances our Partner’s Brand
  • Differentiates from Competitors
  • Reduces Customer Attrition
  • Delivers High Margin New Revenue Channel

Sound interesting to you? If so, let's talk!

What We Provide:

Our success is tied to the success of our partners. That’s why we aim to ensure success by providing essential elements like:

  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Comprehensive Onboarding and Product Training
  • Joint Sales Efforts and Support (Customer Needs Analysis Proposal Development, Customer Monitoring and Consultation)
  • Peripheral Marketing Materials (Talking Points, Product Catalogs, Market Research, Case Studies, Content Templates, Demo Kits, POP banners, posters and stickers)
  • Volume-based Pricing Model

Hands-On Support

We don't stop at making the best fuel treatments on the market. We also offer comprehensive, hands-on support that includes well-organized resources under the essential areas of Product training, Sales & Marketing Support and Profitability.

If any of this sounds like what you’re looking for, tell us more about you and your company.

Become a Bell Performance Dealer