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Bellguard SD

Conductivity Improver/Static Dissipator forFinished_Fuel Distillate Fuels

BellGuard SD static dissipator additives improve the electrical conductivity of distillate fuels to reduce hazards associated with switch-blending, transfer, and distribution of distillate fuels. 

It is an excellent choice for all non-aviation fuels and solvent applications to reduce the accumulation of electrostatic charges in those fuels.

BellGuard SD provides the following functional and performance benefits:

  • Excellent electrostatic performance
  • Superior low-temperature conductivity retention and handling characteristics
  • Fully compatibility with other additives
  • Effectiveness in hydrocarbon solvents
  • Consistent performance across multiple fuel lots
  • High storage stability
  • Ashless and non-metallic
  • Accepted for pipeline use

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