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Bio Dee-Zol Life Bulk Treatment of Biodiesel Fuels for Improved Stability

Consumers gravitate toward biodiesel largely because it is a renewable fuel (to reduce national dependence on foreign oil sources) and it is environmentally-friendly (reduces emissions)

For biodiesel fuels that are in-spec and properly made, the majority of quality and performance issues can be traced back to instability as a function of exposure to both air and water. Both of these environmental factors can accelerate biodiesel breakdown (since it is inherently less stable than pure diesel) leading to engine performance issues for end users.    

Exposure to air, water and even catalytic metals in the distribution system initiate harmful chemical reactions that degrade fuel quality and threaten its viability for end use and end distribution to paying customers.

As part of its portfolio of downstream fuel treatments, Bell Performance presents Bio Dee-Zol Life fuel treatment to present biodiesel producers and users with a solution to preserve the quality of biodiesel FAME and blends throughout the supply chain.

Bio Dee-Zol Life halts harmful chemical reactions with a powerful antioxidant formula while controlling the water that inevitably condenses and builds up in biodiesel storage tanks and lines.  Controlling water buildup is a key step toward reducing potential for the growth of harmful microbial colonies.

Adding Bio Dee-Zol Life to your biodiesel fuels is the best way to preserve their quality and your investment.

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Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/unitedsoybean/ 

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