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Bell Ultra Hydraulic Treatment

Revolutionary treatment for hydraulic oil - reduces friction and lowers power input for energy savings and greener operation

Hydraulic metal surfaces, no matter how highly polished, reveal microscopic peaks and valleys upon closer inspection of their surfaces.

Over time, when contaminants attack these moving components, frictional forces are created which cause additional wear, heat buildup and greater input of energy in hydraulic systems. resulting in premature failure of pumps, valves and ac­tuators, and lack of maximum system efficiency.

How Bell Ultra Hydraulic Treatment Works

Bell Ultra Hydraulic Treatment

A sophisticated formulation actually resurfaces the metal by filling scratches, scores, worn or low spots and existing voids and imperfections in the metal surface.

The filling or resurfacing action makes the metal surface smoother, thereby reducing friction– the main cause of metal failure, while simultaneously reducing power input for greater efficiency.

Contains a superior anti-friction and anti-wear agent that reduces the friction created by metal-to-metal interference. It substantially improves the lubricity of normal lubricants, thereby reducing heat, metal fatigue and wear.

Bell Ultra also contains a high-tech “platter” of additives that provide outstanding residual lubrication

Metal surfaces are protected during loss of oil circulation or pressure and during initial equipment startup, before the lubricant begins to circulate.

The Benefits of Bell Ultra

Bell Ultra is compatible with all types of hydraulic oil, both petroleum and synthetic-based oils. It can be used in virtually all hydraulic applications where oils are used to lubricate metal.

The benefits of using Bell Utlra include:

  • Lower power input - test results show up to a 25% reduction in power
  • Longer component life
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Quieter system and machine operation
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions in engine- powered systems

Treat Ratio

Use ½ oz. (15 ml) BELL ULTRA hydraulic treatment per gallon (3,800 ml) of hydraulic oil. For engine lubricating oil systems, use one oz. (30 ml) BELLULTRA per 4-5 quarts (3,800 – 4,800 ml) of lubricating oil.

Contact For More Information

If you'd like more information, contact the authorized dealer for Bell Ultra hydraulic treatment, Cornerstone Controls, at 407-688-7439.

Download the Bell Ultra Product Sheet