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ATX-1004DSC - Heavy Fuel Oil Treatment for Large Ships

  • Better fuel economy and reduced fuel costs.
  • Solving and preventing hot and cold corrosion wear on engine surfaces.
  • Lowering of black particulate emissions on open water.

Bell Performance ATX-1004DSC solves these problems and others in MFO/HFO for large-scale ships dealing with these kind of operational issues.

Optimal Combustion


HFO and MFO have more energy than gas or diesel if burned completely.  But the heavy long-chain petroleum molecules in these fuels are more difficult to obtain full complete combustion from.  Black smoke emissions from the engine are a result of incomplete combustion, with carbon soot particles being produced instead of the optimal result of CO2 and water.

ATX-1004DSC targets this phenomenon, with both organic and organometallic combustion catalysts.  Fuel economy is maximized and black smoke particular emissions are substantially reduced due to more complete catalytic combustion of carbon particles.  Heavy diesel ship engines do more work with less fuel.

Cleaner Fuel Storage and Delivery Systems

Most large ships have "sludge" buildup in fuel delivery systems because of the heavy nature of the fuel oils they are using. Ships that use ATX-1004DSC experience cleaner, more efficient fuel delivery systems through the removal and combustion of heavy end sludge deposits.

Cleaner Emissions

ATX-1004DSC lowers ship black smoke particulate and NOx emissions. These are good for both the ship’s bottom line and the air we all breathe.

Cold Corrosion Damage

HFO/MFO fuels have higher sulfur contents than cleaner on-road diesel fuels (and the #2 diesel fuels ships are required to use near ports).  Corrosive damage resulting from combination of water vapor and oxidized sulfur is expensive and damaging.

For ships struggling with corrosive damage to metal surface both near the combustion areas and beyond, ATX-1004DSC is also formulation with acid-neutralizing compounds that solve acid condensation problems and save valuable metal parts from corrosive damage.

Bell Performance marine fuel oil treatment formulations like ATX-1004DSC are concentrated to treat HFO and MFO with completely fuel-soluble formulas that burn seamlessly with the fuel.

Trust Bell Performance – Because Performance Counts

ATX-1004DSC does all of this at economical treat rates between 1:2000 and 1:5000, giving substantial ROI back to its customers.

Bell Performance has been formulated quality fuel treatments for over one hundred years.  You can trust Bell Performance to provide maximum value and performance for your marine enterprise, whatever it may be. 

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