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Ethanol Free Gas: It's Hard to Find

fuel_additiveIn many states, it’s hard to find a gas station that isn’t selling at least 10% ethanol in their gasoline; you see the warning stickers on all of the pumps.

Ethanol free gas is harder to find than ever before, as the Federal mandates for E10 and E15 are further solidified in the nation's fuel supply.

As of October 2011, there were less than 5,000 gas stations nationwide known to be selling "pure gas" - that's 5,000 out of 115,000, or less than 4.5%.

If it’s hard for you to find ethanol free gas, then it’s also hard to avoid the damage and negative effects that ethanol can cause to your engine and your equipment.

Depending on what you have to use it in, ethanol blends give some or all  of these common problems:

  • Lower mileage and increased fuel use

  • Dissolving of critical rubber and plastic parts, leading to fuel system & engine damage (especially in small equipment and boats)

  • Accumulation of dissolves gums and resins as deposits in key engne areas, such as injectors and valves (performance problems follow)
  • Attraction of water into the fuel, leading to "phase seperation", loss of octane value and destruction of fuel quality

What does this mean for your bottom line?

The short answer: more money coming out of your pocket. Because it’s so hard to find ethanol free gas, it may seem like there is no solution. 

But there is a solution...Ethanol Defense from Bell Performance!

Ethanol Defense is the professional strength treatment from Bell Performance that's your best defense against ethanol problems:

  • It provides multi-function mileage and performance improvement
  • Contains the most powerful ethanol-fighting water controllers you can get.

Ethanol free gas is hard to find. Counteract the effects of ethanol with Bell Performance's powerful and effective ethanol treatments.

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