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Ethanol Problems


The Effects of Ethanol Gasoline Blends in Cars, Boats, and Small Engines

The blending of ethanol into gasoline across the nation is now a common practice, resulting from EPA mandates incorporating oxygenates like ethanol into gasoline at percentages approaching 10% or more.  These mandates are aimed at improving air quality and reducing air pollution from fuel emissions, which ethanol blends achieve through the lowering of harmful emissions. 

But ethanol causes major issues for consumers, who face loss of mileage, storage issues and a tendency for ethanol to corrode plastic and fiberglass tanks and parts, especially in marine applications.

Problems Consumers are experiencing, include:

  • Water accumulation in gas tank - ethanol absorbs water from the air
  • Deposit build up
  • Loss of power
  • Rough running
  • Lower fuel mileage
  • Corrode internal engine components
  • Contaminents in fuel system
  • Fuel phase separation - cannot be restored
  • Encourages microbial growth in fuel
  • Short shelf life -as short as 90 days

Bell Performance has the experience and products to help you deal with the ethanol fuel issues you are facing.

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