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ATX-1100T & ATX-1400T Additives For Gas Turbine Systems

turbine fuel additiveBell Performance has manufactured quality boiler furnace heavy fuel oil treatments for years.  Now Bell Performance brings the same high quality standards to its ATX T-Series additive for gas turbines.

ATX-1100T and ATX-1400T provide turbine-grade corrosion and deposit formation solutions for gas turbine systems requiring the best fuel oil treatments on the market.

Here are some quick facts about both ATX-1100T and ATX-1400T:

  • They are both turbine-grade, oil-soluble, overbased magnesium sulfonate fuel treatments.

  • They remediate high-temperature corrosion and molten deposit formations that may be associated with residual fuel oils containing higher levels of vanadium.

  • They address low-temperature corrosion and stack opacity through interaction with SO3.

ATX T-Series Uses/Applications

ATX-1100T and 1400T may be added directly to circulated fuel oil storage tanks, injected into fuel oil lines, or added to diesel engine fuels contaminated with vanadium.


ATX-1100T MSDS: Download Here

ATX-1400T MSDS: Download Here

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