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Gasoline Problems Facing Consumers

2543481618_f36581548c_mThe Effects of Ethanol Gasoline Blends in Cars, Boats, and Small Engines

Gasoline is a cleaner fuel that does not face the same storage issues that diesel fuel does. What are the biggest problems/complaints that consumers have about their gasoline fuel?

  • Recent gas mileage drops
  • Poor performance, rough vehicle operation or loss of power compared to the past
  • A forced switch to ethanol blends

Gasoline is required to be additized before point of sale, but the effective level of additization has decreased by 50% since 1996.  Many consumers may benefit from the use of aftermarket fuel treatments to negate some or all of these issues.

The gasolines of today don’t burn as completely or as well as before.  The effects on the consumer are:

  • Poor mileage
  • Poor performance
  • A greater chance of combustion chamber
  • Injector/valve deposits.
Deposits in these areas cause the engine not to perform as well as it did when it was in newer conditions.  Combustion chamber deposits contribute to poor vehicle performance and raised emissions.  Deposits in the injectors and valves cut the vehicle’s fuel mileage, make it sluggish and also raise the emissions.

Bell Performance has the experience and products to help you deal with the gasoline fuel issues you are facing.

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