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Love cars? Know a lot about engines? Have fuel expertise and want to share? Have you seen the benefits and results that you expected when you used our fuel additives? Write about it and let us publish to our audience of thousands of followers.

Editorial guidelines for outside contributors

Bell Performance encourages guest posts for our blog. We value insights from thought leaders on topics that are applicable to our followers, customers and prospects. Fuel Storage, Engine tips, Fuel Additives, Engine Performance are examples.

Please submit suggested articles using the form at right.

Bell Performance's editorial and publishing guidelines for guest posts are as follows:

  • Attribution - we will identify you as the author and will provide several sentences of "About" space at the conclusion of the post.
  • You are welcome to include links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles as well as your company website (please provide that as part of your post)
  • We will notify you prior to publication if we plan to use your submission
  • You grant us ownership of any content you submit with full editorial and copyright privileges
  • You will only submit original content - which you have written and not posted in full or in part on any other site
  • You are welcome to post your article on your site one week after it appears on our blog, provided that you include a canonical tag to indicate that the version on the Bell Performance site was the original post and link to your article on our site when you re-post
  • We reserve the right to modify in any way and to publish in part, or not at all as we deem appropriate
  • We will provide a preview for your approval prior to publishing so that you can review the changes which we will make

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