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We know you love classic cars. If you've got one yourself, you want to know the best advice on taking care of it and getting the most out of it.

We put together a fun and informative Enthusiast's Guide to Famous Classic Cars and Their Care.

In it, we take a trip down memory lane talking about some of the great classic rides of the past.  And we pass along helpful tips and guidelines on caring for your classic and antique cars.

The classic and performance cars we love from yesteryear weren't designed to run on ethanol fuels. Worse yet, the same problems that ethanol causes in modern contemporary cars and equipment - poor performance, reduced mileage, subpar fuel quality in the tank - are amplified in expensive classic cars because their fuel system materials aren't compatible with ethanol fuels. 

Concerned about the effects that today's ethanol fuels have on classic cars?

photo_mxo_gas_station_100Interested in knowing more about getting the most from your classic and performance vehicles?

Download a copy of the Enthusiast's Guide To Famous Classic Cars and Their Care.

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