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The Healthy Oil Resource from Bell Performance

Healthy Oil: All About Your Oil & What You Need To Know

Keep Your Oil Healthy and Make Your Engine Last Longer

This whitepaper from Bell Performance focuses on the most important part of your engine – the motor oil

Most people take their oil for granted, not understanding the scope of its function in their engine.  The assumption is that oil is just for lubricating, but it does so much more than that.

If you really understand what oil does, what it’s designed to do, and why it’s important to take care of it in your vehicle, you can go a long way toward maximizing the life and health of the investment you have in your vehicle or boat.

In this whitepaper, we’ll talk about oil from a number of different perspectives, mostly from the perspective of the oil’s health – what keeps it healthy and what happens when the oil loses its ability to do what it’s supposed to do. 

Topics we cover include:

  • Types of motor oil
  • The importance of oil changes
  • Recommendations on how often you should change your oil
  • What you need to know about synthetic oil
  • What makes engine sludge and how to get rid of it
  • Changing your own oil vs. a quick lube service
Bell Performance knows an educated consumer is the best consumer. Bell Performance has the experience and products to help you deal with the engine and lubrication problems you face every day.

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