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Corn Is For Popping, Not For Driving!

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We think that you should save the corn for popping instead of for driving.  And lots of people agree!  If you're one of the millions who can't get ethanol-free gasoline, you may want to consider ETHANOL DEFENSE as a cost-effective ethanol treatment alternative.

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What’s With Ethanol?

Government mandates for an increase in ethanol concentration from 10-15% are causing big problems for consumers and drivers:

  • Lost mileage and fuel economy
  • Water collection in the fuel 
  • Damaged equipment from ethanol softening and dissolving of rubber and plastic and fiberglass

Why Bell Performance?

Bell Performance is the father of the fuel additive industry, having produced the first fuel additive on record in 1909, followed in 1927 by the first formulation for its multi-function gasoline Mix-I-Go. 

So Many Claims About Ethanol - Which Do You Choose?

Everyone seems to be coming out with their own “solution” for the problem.

How do you know what's good and what's not in a world where everyone claims to be the best?

You can rely on ETHANOL DEFENSE as your one-stop solution for all ethanol problems in all gasoline-power vehicles and equipment, large and small. When you use ETHANOL DEFENSE, you have Bell Performance's one hundred+ years of fuel treatment history standing behind you.  Nobody else can say that.


Ethanol Defense - The Solution to Ethanol Problems

ETHANOL DEFENSE combines the proven benefits of the nations oldest and most-respected multi-function fuel additive with the most powerful combination of water-absorbing ingredients available, combining both to land a knock-out punch for ethanol that no other product can match.   It is the only ethanol treatment you will ever need.


  • Solve Water Problems in Ethanol Without Alcohol
  • Protect Against Ethanol Damage and Provide Superior Upper Cylinder Lubrication
  • Restore Mileage and Performance
  • Remove Ethanol Engine Deposits, Carbon, Gum and Sludge

Because Performance Counts.

To get your complimentary copy of 'Top 13 Things To Know About Ethanol' , simply fill out this form and click submit.

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