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Case Study: Power Generation Plants Burning Heavy Fuel Oil

Deposit Control for Heavy Fuel Oil Boiler Efficiency and Reduced Maintenance

power_generation_plantBell Performance first developed the ATX line of fuel oil treatments in the late 1950s to provide small and large power generation facilities with effective multi-function treatments for fuel oil.

Since that time the ATX products have been used across the country and around the world by customers who use ATX fuel oil treatments to realize heat release benefits (raising flame temperatures and reducing fuel consumption relative to heat produced) and reduce build-up of tenacious boiler surface deposits.

See how two of our power generation customers use Bell Performance ATX products to:

  • Reduce unit downtime for maintenance
  • Increase heat transfer rates
  • Reduce heat transfer tube deposit build-up
  • Show a demonstable ROI from ATX products

Regular use of Bell Performance ATX fuel oil treatment will reduce ash deposit and vanadate
deposit build-up, keeping your boiler unit clean.

See how Bell Performance can save you money and time with the ATX line of fuel oil additives by filling out the form to the right and downloading the case study 'Power Generation Plants Burning Heavy Fuel Oil.'

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