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The Ultimate Guide to Get Your Engines and Fuel Through Winter

3d-RenderThe cold weather can change the composition of some fuels, and do funny things to your engine.

Whether its the idling to keep warm that’s wrecking your mileage or your diesel fuel gelling, the winter months can be a nightmare. You don’t want your car or small engines to stop working when you need them the most.

If your car or truck breaks down, especially in the winter, attempting to fix any problems or waiting for help isn't much fun.

This guide will teach you:

  • Winter care for stored equipment and engines
  • Winterizing a diesel engine 
  • Prevent diesel fuel from gelling in cold temperatures 
  • Additives for your proprane in cold weather 
  • Winter blend gasoline could be dropping your fuel mileage

In this guide we will cover all of the essentials for getting through the cold weather with a minimum of problems, from storing equipment all the way to winterizing your diesel engine. This is the ultimate guide to getting you through the cold weather months.

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