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Don't Let Surprises From Hurricane Season Ruin Your 2013

Hurricane Prepping Made Easy

Nobody expected what happened with Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Even though most people and entities think they’re adequately prepared, there are reasons for concern that they may not be as prepared as they want to think. Reasons for concern include:

  • Time - they can catch even the best fuel administrators off-guard
  • Frequency - most areas of coastal states can expect to be exposed to a hurricane at least every 25 years
  • Lack of real preparation - Over 80% of U.S. localities do have a formal disaster plan on-hand.

Hurricane season started June 1st.  Florida already got its first dose of heavy storms with Tropical Storm Andrea. We know that emergency readiness is at the top of your list, but how sure are you that your stored fuel and essential equipment will work properly when its needed most?

Did you know that in the North American blackout of 2003 (which affected 50 million people across the nation), 20% of back-up generation systems did not work as needed because of bad fuel?

And during both Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina, many hospitals (like NYU’s Langone Medical Center) and essential installations saw essential emergency systems fail them in their hour of need, because of poor fuel quality.

This hurricane season, don’t take chances with your emergency equipment of fuel. To help, we’ve put together a great complimentary resource called The Fuel Checklist for Hurricane Preparation.

Bell Solves Emergency Management Fuel Problems

Bell Performance has been serving city, county and private emergency management professionals for decade, and has been a long-time member of FLAGFA.

Bell Performance is at your service to help you solve your fuel-related problems, so you can spend your time worrying about other things.

You're just one step away from your complimentary copy of this free resource we've put together to help ensure that your job during hurricane season goes smooth and trouble-free.

To get your copy, you can download it by filling out the quick form on this page. Or, if you don't wish to do that, you can call us at 407-831-5021 and we'll be happy to send you your free copy.

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